Corporate photography


Our event photography is characterised by an informal, non-obtrusive and natural style. Whether it is an award ceremony, a conference or a charity bash, we capture the essence and atmosphere of the event and operate in a professional and friendly manner.

Details are very important to each event. We ensure that interior shots, food and beverage images, event-themed decoration and gadgets are captured to record the entire event experience and atmosphere. Events are both a group and individual experience, so we produce reportage-style and more formal group images.

Pre-planning is essential: we work closely with event organisers ahead of the event to ensure we capture all the key elements. Ours is a bespoke photographic service.

We aim to deliver fully edited and enhanced images to our clients in the shortest time possible. We instantly upload photos to a downloadable online gallery to be shared by the client. Our mission is to deliver impeccable pictures quickly – sharp and crisp, bright, colour-corrected to showcase your event to its fullest.



We understand the importance of expert lighting and perfect composition to create flawless photos showing the full potential of properties and their interiors, regardless of their shape or size. The artistic impact and the technical aspects of lighting interiors are equally important.

Our aim is to create a holistic vision of the photographed space rather than simply its physical structure; to communicate the designer’s idea through a two-dimensional image that accurately transports the viewer to experience the space itself.

We work closely with our clients to stage the interior to specific requirements, and advise on the content of the final frame to ensure there are no distractions to the desired effect.

We extensively edit after the shoot to deliver impeccable pictures – sharp and crisp, bright, colour-corrected, perspective-adjusted to ensure the space is shown to its full potential, maintaining its vibrancy and authenticity.



Food is not just about taste – eating stimulates all the senses, smell, feel, the sounds of the environment around you, and of course visual appeal.

Our food photography strives to capture this experience; the eating environment with its atmosphere of tranquillity or electric buzz, the textures and colours of the dish, the freshness of the ingredients and the expertise of the preparation – all to evoke your memories and make the image almost the real thing.

Our clients share a common aim: whether a restaurant or recipe publisher, the food should come alive from the image in multiple senses for the viewer. We work closely with restaurant management and chefs to ensure that their spaces and creations are depicted in the most enticing way. This requires exceptional attention to detail, styling skills and a passion for food. You will want to eat our pictures!


Commercial Photography

Whether your company is small, large, a start-up or well-established, our commercial photography expertise will help promote your business and gain clients. Expert commercial pictures maximise its visual impact. We create high quality, fully edited imagery for advertisements, merchandising, websites, brochures – imagery for any online or print content.

Headshot Man with a beard


Everyone wants to look their best in a photo, whether informal or a more ‘corporate’ image. Our aim is to not just capture a face, but the personality behind. Key to this is creating a natural, easy atmosphere whatever the location, where the subject can project to the camera without effort. We achieve this outcome in both studio and workplace environments to the convenience of the client and its personnel.



We believe the best portraits are natural and spontaneous; a quality shoot is not about poses. Building a connection with you as a client is essential to create relaxed images that express your character and personality. We also pay close attention to lighting within the given location to best capture images that are expressive and dynamic, and tell your story.


At Belle Imaging we know that the perfect lifestyle shot requires a subtle blend of lighting, casting and styling… to this we try to add something more – by harmonising these elements we seek to capture the essence of that moment – be it an event, a portrait, food, interior or an action…


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